POSTPONED Saturday 3 August

*Postponed* 4pm -6.30pm CineRoma launch Event & Korkoro


Korkoro (Not Certified – age 12 advised, 111 mins, 2009)
French language with English subtitles
Queen’s Park Arena, Queen’s Park, G42 9QL 
Saturday 3 August 4pm -6.30pm
Unticketed, entry by donation
Upon reaching a town to stop and work the vineyards a Roma family learn that the new Vichy regime forbids them from being nomadic. They must settle in order to evade persecution from the Nazis, but their thirst for freedom makes a sedentary lifestyle difficult to bear. The film is at once a cinematic tribute to the Roma killed in the Holocaust and an ode to life lived freely.

Watch the trailer here:

The film will be introduced by Romano Lav and Southside Film who will discuss the significance of a Roma film festival and the role of cinema in promoting Roma culture and screen a short film made by Romano Lav group before the film to launch CineRoma.