Close and Fridge with Peter Mullan

Sunday 15 May, 18:30pm (£5)
Close & Fridge & intro/talk by Gary Lewis
Pollokshaws Borough Hall

Actor Gary Lewis will introduce and talk about these two films make in Govanhill in the 1990s, written and directed by Peter Mullan.
Close – Short/Thriller (1993)
New father Vincent (Peter Mullan) lives up a close in Glasgow. After one neighbour makes a disparaging remark about his daughter Vincent sets out to get his revenge on the neighbour, and the rest of the tenants…
Fridge – Short (1995)
Rudy (Gary Lewis) and Alice (Vicki Masson) are two homeless alcoholics living in a Scottish scheme. Rudy comes to the rescue of a drunk being threatened by some thugs. After one of the boys gets locked in an abandoned fridge it is up to Rudy and Alice to keep the boy alive until help comes…