Southside Happenings and a Creative Thursday

Karen appears in a very timely interview as part of the wonderful Southside Happenings‘ Creative Thursday series.

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Southside Happenings is the number one resource for any Southsiders wanting to know what’s happening and it showcases the best the Southside has to have, in their own words the blog is about:

documenting our adventures, things to do, places to see, and other information on the Southside of Glasgow. I am not sure how you would categorise this site, it’s not a ‘what’s on guide’ …it’s just some interesting stories about what we’re doing, or planning to do, in the Southside of Glasgow. [Now and again we might stray across the river, don’t hold it against us].  Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading this, it may give you an idea of what to do on your next day off, night out, or maybe just something to read during your tea break.

They have been a great supporter of the festival and one of the main ways lots of us volunteers found out about the festival in the first place from their tweets and facebook posts.  So a massive thank you to them!!