Award winning short films, Southside!

This past weekend (10-12 Feb) Southside Film Festival teamed up with Glasgow Short Film Festival to screen over thirty Scottish short films. 125 people came through the doors of The Shed which was temporarily transformed into a cinema. If you missed it this are just some of the award winning shorts you missed…

Tumult, written and directed by Johnny Barrington and produced by Rhianna Andrews, which screened on Friday night, part of Scottish Competition 1, was also screening in the International Competition and it won the International Audience Award, 2012.

The Making of Longbird, an animation directed by Will Anderson, which screened in Scottish Competition 3 on Saturday evening, was the winner of the Scottish Short Film Award, 2012. The jury said: “we unanimously selected a film that not only demonstrated superb technical skill and great storytelling but also had real heart and passion for the genre and its subject.” The jury also gave Special Mentions to Joern Utkilen’s Asylum,  “for its innovative and subtle way of portraying an uncomfortable aspect of today’s society” and to Ruth Reid’s Night Shift “for illustrating the short film genre as a brilliant way of telling those hidden stories that might not otherwise get told.” Both films also screened in Comp 4 on Sunday. 

And the winners of the Audience Award for Scottish Short Film competition were Kirkcaldy Man, a documentary directed by Julian Schwanitz which also screened in Comp 4, and Phillipa & Nancy, a 48 Film Project directed by Paul White, Ciara Barry, Claire McInnes & Nora Smyth, which screened in Comp 3 on Saturday night.  
These five filmmakers win a commission to create next year’s festival trailer. 

Another success story from the festival programme this weekend was Pitch Black Heist, written and directed by John MacLean, starring Liam Cunningham and Michael Fassbinder, which screened in Comp 5 on Sunday afternoon. It won the BAFTA award for Best Short Film last night

Congratulations to everyone involved in the making of these award winning films!

Don’t forget Southside Film Festival will be teaming up with Glasgow Film Festival again to bring you Phantom of the Opera, the 1925 Lon Chaney silent classic with live Wurlitzer Cinema Organ accompaniment by David Gray. Tickets are available in advance online or on the door of the venue on the day. 

See you there!