Cinema Heritage & Silent Film

Just thought I would enthuse on here about a great talk I went to last night (Wed 14 March)- a ‘double bill’ about the history of Glasgow’s Cinema Architecture and the restoration of the Hippodrome Cinema in Bo’ness brought to you by Glasgow Heritage Centre. More info here:
I spoke to Historian Gordon Barr afterwards and hopefully he will be able to do a talk at the Southside Film Festival on Southside Cinemas, I’ll keep you posted. Check out
The second part of the talk was about the restoration of the Hippodrome Cinema in Boness. For those of you who enjoyed our screening of The Phantom of the Opera with live Wurtlizer last month, this weekend is a good time to visit the Hippodrome as there is a Silent Film Festival on. Lots of silent films with live piano accompaniment in the beautifully restored Hippodrome Cinema. See you there!