Short Films @ The Chalet RESCHEDULED

The Short Films @ The Chalet which had to be cancelled are going to be shown on Saturday 2nd June at the Chalet.

This is a FREE screening and the programme of Short Films includes:

1. Waste Art (9′)
What is waste art? A look into the world of this new and exotic artform, expounded by its practitioners. Directed by Andy Dow.

2. The Land Between Tick and Tock (13′)
Nick Padalino, an eccentric New Yorker, owns a fluorescent art museum incentral Amsterdam. ‘A land between Tick and Tock’ is a documentary portraitof Nick and his Parisian girlfriend Michele as they guide the viewer aroundtheir quirky hand made museum of fluorescent wonders. Directed by KateBurton.

3. The Tannery (5’30”)
A recently deceased Fox has a life after death experience. Animated anddirected by Iain Gardener. The Tannery was nominated for Best Animation,BAFTA in Scotland Awards, 2011 and won Best Animation at CFC WorldWideShort Film Festival, Toronto and the Celtic Media Festival 2011. The music wascomposed by Southsider Mick Cooke who appeared at Southside Film Festival’scomposing music for film discussion last year.

4.An Artifical Light (19’40)
A tale of romance and heartache, filmed in Aberdeen last year.Written and directed by Tim Courtney. Starring: Pamela Donald, Davy King,Adam Morrice and Matthew Duncan.

5. Pentecost (11mins)
A young Irish boy faces a difficult choice that may leave him at odds with hissmall community. Written and directed by Peter McDonald, produced byEimear O’Kane. Nominated for Best Live Action Film Oscar, 2012.


6. Tumult (13 mins)A tribe of Norse warriors traipse across a barren land after battle. Bloodied andwounded, their chief is near death. He is about to hand over power to his sonwhen an army of a completely different kind…descends upon them.Written and directed by Johnny Barrington, produced by Rhianna Andrews.

7. Whether the weather (5mins)
Commissioned by Screen Academy Scotland in 2011 to screen at EdinburghInternational Festival and be viewed by Philip Glass, this film was a response toGlass and Regio’s collaboration on the Qatsi trilogy. Director Lorna Simpsonand composer Jordan Gilmour worked together to produce a response to theGlass and Regio’s work.

8. Out on the Tiles (3’11”)
An inebriated woman pays a visit to the ladies’ loo for a cigarette, but noteverything goes to plan….Animated and directed by Anna Pearson. Winner ofBAFTA in Scotland Best Animation Award 2011.

Short Films @ The Chalet
Saturday 2nd June | 7:30pm