Short Films at Govanhill Baths

Short Films: Why Poverty & Roma of Govanhill

Sat 18th May, 9.30pm at Govanhill Baths. Free
N/C – suitable for all ages

 – Why Poverty shorts programme (approx 40mins)
Why Poverty was a global project in 2012 where 70 different broadcasters commissioned established and new and emerging filmmakers to make films to get people thinking and talking about poverty. This selection of short films from Venezuela, Uganda via Scotland, Colombo, India, Russia, Afghanistan and Kenya responses to the subject in diverse, surprising and entertaining ways.

 – Roma of Govanhill (20mins)
Roma of Govanhill was made by Hungarian TV in 2008 about life in Govanhill today as experienced by the Roma and others in the diverse neighbourhood of Govanhill. Thanks to Document International Human Rights Film Festival for this film.

Please note: the screening will be in the swimming pool at Govanhill Baths so please wrap up warm! Our volunteers have created a series of short films showcasing some of the unique venues that are taking part in this year’s festival. Watch the film below about Govanhill Baths: