Southside Filmmakers Award Screening 2019 

The Glad Cafe

Sunday 9th June, 7.30pm (doors 7pm)

N/C – 18 advised



All tickets £5

Don’t miss our annual selection of short films made on the Southside or by Southside based filmmakers -a mix of  comedy, animation, drama and documentary. Come along to support local film talent and vote for your favourite film: the winner will receive the much coveted Southside Filmmaker Award.

Full programme details for the nominated films:

Bunny (17’58”, writer/director Shaun Hughes, producers Alysia Maciejowska & David Brown) A young man with rabbit ears is challenged by disruptive outsiders to face up to his delusion, and risks losing the final bond to his dead mother.

Fishtail (3’48”, writer/director/producer Caity Lougheed) A young woman’s wildest dream comes true in this brief ,tragic tale of psychotic determination and and self medication… through a super duper dreamy and dipped in pink lens.

Dachaigh/Home (9’54”, director Will Clark, producer Solar Bear) Lucy left England for Glasgow, Scotland in search of something new. Starting with nothing we follow her journey as she builds a new life, discovers her inner strength and ultimately the meaning of HOME!

A Gorbals Story (9’58”, director Colin McRae, producer Luis Maurizzio) On a crisp Sep tember evening in 1954 over 150 Scottish children descended on a Glasgow graveyard to battle a vampire they believed was hiding there. What initiated this collective shared belief remains a mystery. Using first hand testimony, archive footage and expert analysis this documentary seeks to unpick the story behind the story. 

What it Feels like (3’00”, writer/director Steven Fraser) What It Feels Like is short animated documentary that investigates voice hearing. Small boxes that contain flip book style animation are presented to show the emotion that people who hear voices feel. This documentary is experimental and expressive in its approach, where the positives and negatives combine to fully express the subversive nature of a misunderstood affliction.

Acheron (6’57”, writer/director Douglas Sannachan) Acheron explores the links between stressful events in childhood to abuse and addictive behaviours such as drinking, smoking, substance misuse and gambling in adulthood. Through the eyes of a young man the film explores the power of the demons of addiction within a father and son relationship. Ultimately, during a stay in hospital where he experiences kindness, the young man realises that he can make choices in his life and he can decide whether or not to follow his father’s destructive path.

What is Happiness (5’48”, poem & production Claire Clark) What Is Happiness is a British Sign Language poem on the question, ‘What is happiness?’ It shines a light on some of the elements of that impossible question and showcases the positive representation of BSL poetry as an art form.

Legwork (8’18”, writer/director Ryan King) A film charting a day in the life of a man who works as a human table leg. The film is an absurd tale of horror reflecting on life in the 21st Century.

A Palindrome Life (2’45”, writer/director Sean Bruce Monteith, producer Conor Daniel) One man’s horrifying realisation; if each day in his life was played in reverse it would not even make a difference.