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FILM CLUB PRESENTS: Let the Right One In

The nights are fair drawin’ in here in Glasgow so if you’re feeling stuck for some Autumnal midweek activities in the Southside, look no further as we’re back for first in our October edition of the film club with Swedish romantic horror Let the Right One In.

The Vampire genre appears to be enjoying somewhat of cultural rebirth of late – so much so that it can be difficult to pull a diamond from the rough – but we think we’ve done just that with Tomas Alfredson’s 2009 adaptation of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s best selling novel.
Twelve year old Oskar is an outsider – viciously bullied at school in the day and left to fend for himself in the evening while his single mother works nights – the muted wintery backdrop of a small suburb of Stockholm only intensifies Oksar heartbreaking loneliness & isolation.  
It’s during one of these bleak lonely nights that Oskar meets Eli. He has no friends, she has no friends and in their despair, the two misfits forge a beautifully tender bond.
But is Eli all that she seems…..or more?
Marrying the often only ‘too real’ realism of Swedish cinema with a new twist on the grotesquely fantastical nature of the vampire genre, Let the Right One In is a magnetically atmospheric tale of loneliness & desperation, but most of all, a complexly delicate love story – the context may be grim but the sentiment is one that will ring true to us all….

What would you look past or sacrifice for the sake of love & companionship?
Tues 8th Oct – 8pm (doors 7:30)
Tickets – £6/5 conc. – available online at Ticket Scotland or in person at The Glad Cafe.

Film Club Presents: ‘HEATHERS’ – “Are We Going To Prom, Or To Hell?”

After a wee summer break (and what a glorious summer its been here in Glasgow), we’re back to ease you into the darker nights with a whole host of awesome for this season’s FILM CLUB – and to kick it all off – what would be better than a slice of 80’s cult cinema with high school satire Heathers.
Massive shoulder pads, poisonous cliques, teen-suicide & murder…..this is the high school movie that took a croquet mallet to the rules & redefined the genre once and for all – not a Molly Ringwald in sight!

The politics of high school have never been so cruel as when doled out by one the Heathers, a vicious clique of girls (all called Heather) intent on dishing out their own brand of intimidation to the less fortunate. These are the original Mean Girls – and boy, are they mean! That is until fellow clique member Veronica (Winona Ryder) falls for rebel newcomer J.D (Christian Slater) & together they forge a plan to end the Heathers reign of terror once & for all.
Dark, satirical & delectably self aware – Heathers is a masterclass in teen-cyncism. More than 20 years after its release – the themes are just as subversive & the diaglogue just as razor-sharp. 
If that’s not enough, its also got Christian Slater being all kinds of amazing doing his best Jack Nicholson impression in a show stealing performance as J.D – the seductive Clyde to Veronica’s delightfully dead-pan Bonnie.
Smart, funny & grotesquely nasty – Heathers is the definition of black comedy. If for some unknown reason this cult classic of sorts as passed you by or even if you’ve seen it a million times before but just want to indulge in some 80’s nostalgia  – get yourself down to The Glad Cafe on 3rd Sept 2013, cause y’know “The extreme always seems to make an impression” – and we’re sure Heathers will.
Tues 3rd Sept – 8pm (doors 7:30)
Tickets – £6/5 conc. – available online at Ticket Scotland or at The Glad Cafe.

Top 10 Guide

The lovely people at Top Ten Glasgow Guide have put together the list below of the top 10 things to do and see at the Southside Film Festival. You can follow them on twitter @toptenglasgow or facebook for more great Glasgow recommendations.

1. Learn more about acclaimed photo journalist McCullin in Queen’s Park Camera Club.

2. Catch Sightseers, a black comedy about murder and caravanning in the 46th Glasgow Scout Group Hall.

3. Watch short films in the swimming pool at Govanhill Baths; or watch a music doc about the last gig by LCD Soundsystem – Shut Up and Play the Hits – at music venue The Glad Cafe on Saturday night and follow that by dancing at iBop at Pollok Ex Servicemens’ Club.

4. Have a drink in the library overlooking Pollok Park and move into the dining room to watch Gosford Park, and follow that up with dinner in the Servant’s Quarters in Pollok House on Sunday afternoon.

5. Watch one of the best silent films ever made, Battleship Potemkin, with live accompaniment from the Wurtlizer Cinema Organ at Pollokshaws Burgh Hall on Sun.

6. Get some Bollywood in your life with a Kuch Kuch Hota Hoi, a film partly shot in the Southside. 

7. See the Southside filmmakers of the future on Saturday at the Southside Filmmaker Award screening.

8. Forget Iron Man 3, take the kids to see the kids’ classic favourite Iron Giant on Sat afternoon at The Glad Cafe (and your kids can learn how to make Superhero Animation at an animation workshop that morning).  

9. If you want to learn more about the history of cinemas and cinema going on the Southside of Glasgow then don’t miss out Cinema Walk at 2pm on Sunday afternoon – sign up in advance and receive the meeting point.

10. Lots more free screenings and events at the Burrell Collection, Scotland St Museum, Hidden Gardens and Kinning Park Complex, so check full information and tickets on the SFF website.

Glasgow I Love You, But You’re Freakin’ Me Out!

With only a couple of days to go til the festival kicks off, I hope you’ve all had the chance to check out this year’s programme and are excited as we are about everything that we’ve got going on over the coming weekend.
One I am personally extremely psyched about is our screening of ‘Shut Up and Play the Hits’ – a documentary film charting the last 48 hours of generation defining band LCD Soundsystem. 
Frontman James Murphy made the unusual decision to bring an end to the party right at the peak of the band’s popularity –  they played their last ever gig to a sold out Madison Square Garden in NYC in April 2011, ensuring they would go out with a bang!
Party kids across the world wept as the cowbells stopped and LCD were no more, Daft Punk were no longer playing at your house, All Your Friends were away up the road…….’Shut Up and Play the Hits’ tells the story of the end of an era for music fans & for Murphy himself:

“Likeable, deadpan and refreshingly self-aware, the inner turmoil and obvious regret of the ageing hipster makes this not only a sad farewell to a great band, but to life as Murphy knows it.” – Total Film, 2012.

So, this coming Saturday – all you Southside music & film buffs (and we know there are LOADS of you) can all get a wee bit nostalgic for our fading youth with our screening of the film at The Glad Cafe (8pm – doors 7.30pm – tickets £6/5). The film seemed to have a pretty limited release when it was out last year so if – like me-  you missed it – take this second chance to see it on the big screen!

If you want to make a night of it (Go on…!) – don’t forget that iBop – the Southside’s longest running indie night –  will be hosting a wee after party for you all to get your dance on  – keep a hold of your ticket stub for discounted entry. Hope to see you all throwing some shapes on the dancefloor – don’t forget your cowbells!

– ‘Shut Up and Play the Hits’ – Sat 18 May – The Glad Cafe – 8pm (doors 7.30pm) – £6/5 – tickets on sale now at The Glad Cafe or online at

Followed by:

– iBop – Sat 18 May – Pollock Ex Servicemans Club – £5 on the door or £4 with your ‘Shut Up and Play the Hits’ ticket stub.

Don’t forget to follow us & tag us in photos of your night on Instagram – @SouthsideFilmFestival and let us know what you think of the film on Twitter – #southsidefilm

Gosford Park

Pollok House is Scotland’s answer to Downtown Abbey! This glorious, grand country house in the Southside of Glasgow is excited to hold it’s first ever event with the Southside Film Festival on Sunday 19th May where Robert Altman’s classic film Gosford Park will be screened to festival goers. There was only one location that fit the bill to show this 1930’s period film and it was Pollok House.

If you’re thinking of attending the event on Sunday, you’re in for a treat (in slightly grander surroundings than the servants in the 1920s who were also shown films as a treat). Not only will Gosford Park be screened in the dining room, but beforehand you’ll also get to have drinks in the house’s impressive library – where a paid bar will be in operation. After the screening, it’s downstairs to be served a delicious two course meal.

The film itself is a triumph for Robert Altman. The Academy Award nominated film has a stacked ensemble cast from Helen Mirren to Clive Owen. Downtown Abbey originally was set to be a spin off of Gosford Park before it changed to using the film as an inspiration for the hit series. This mystery film is a must see and there is no better surroundings than Pollok House.

Sun 19th May, doors 5.30pm, Film 6:15pm, 
dinner served 8:30pm
Pollok House
Price: £25 for meal and movie (please note tickets only available in advance)
Cert 15, 137 mins, 2001

Set in the 1930’s the story takes place in an old fashioned English country house where a family has invited many of their friends up for a weekend shooting party. The story centers around the McCordle family, in particular the man of the house, William McCordle. Getting on in years William has become benefactor to many of his relatives and friends. As the weekend goes on and secrets are revealed, it seems everyone, above stairs and below, wants a piece of William and his money, but how far will they go to get it?

Don’t miss this incredibly rare opportunity to watch a great piece of period cinema in an old fashioned setting that is sure to enhance your experience. Whether you love playing Cluedo or you’re obsessed with catching period shows on TV, Altman’s timeless classic will not disappoint!

The Light kicks off the Festival!

With less than a week to go until the festival kick off, programmes are being handed out all over the Southside, venues are setting out their chairs and volunteers are making sure everything’s ready to go. This Friday, the 17th May, it’s only fitting that the 2013 Southside Festival kicks off with a screening of ‘We Are Northern Lights’ at The Glad Cafe on Pollokshaws Road.

It’s fitting because the Southside Festival is ran by the public, for the public, much like the Northern Lights documentary. It’s a film made up of footage from over 100 members of the public of bonnie Scotland. It covers everything from the beautiful scenery of the Highlands to the hustle and bustle of T In The Park.

In 2012, people from across the country were encouraged to take personal videos of Scotland’s past, present and future and the result was thousands of submissions that have been edited down into this fantastic piece of cinema that will leave you goosebumps and smiling by the end.

I saw the trailer for the film a couple of months ago when I went to see a Hollywood blockbuster and in truth, when I left the screening, all I could think about was ‘We Are Northern Lights’ I wanted to see this film about our wonderful country.
So this Friday, I hope you’ll come along and help us kick off the festival with a film made by the people of Scotland, for the people of Scotland!

Film Club

The Southside Film Festival in partnership with the Glad Cafe is delighted to announce our plans for a film club this autumn. We will be screening a monthly film in the great new space at the Glad Cafe this October, November and December. 

Download the flyer here.

Here’s what we are screening:
Frankenstein(dir. James Whale, 1931, CertPG, 71mins) Tue 30 Oct, 8pm
Headhunters(dir. Morten Tyldum, 2011, Cert15, 93mins) Tue 27 Nov, 8pm
Arthur Christmas (dir. Sarah Smith, 2011, CertU, 97mins) Sat 15 Dec, 3pm
Harvey(dir. Henry Koster, 1950, CertPG, 104mins) Tue 18 Dec 8pm

For full film info visit our website’s film club page.

Tickets are available in advance online at Tickets Scotland (via the above links) or in person from The Glad Cafe.
Tickets available on the door half an hour before advertised screening time. 
Tickets are all £6 full price or £5 concession with a £1 discount for those dressed as a horror film character at the Frankenstein screening or £5 for all kids at Arthur Christmas screening.

Don’t forget to fill in our survey – it will help us create a better festival for you!

Film Quiz Fundraiser, Thurs 20 Sept

Southside Film Festival is back for one night only!

The first film quiz during the film festival in May was such a hit that we are bringing it back for a film festival fundraiser! 

Do you recognise the lady on this poster and can you name the film? Do you love movies? Then get your team together and get yourself down to The Bungo for 8pm on Thursday 20th September.

Prizes include 2 guest list places for Miaoux Mioux gig on Sat 24 November at The Glad Cafe, 2 GFT cinema tickets, some Cineworld cinema tickets and dinner and wine for 2 at The Bungo

Warning: there is no mobile phone reception in the basement of The Bungo so don’t expect any help from google!

Film quiz hosts: Barry Young and Noelle Carroll of Youngs Interesting Books, Skirving St, Shawlands

Entry to the quiz is £2 per person and all proceeds go to Southside Film Festival, a not-for-profit film festival run by volunteers, bringing film back to Southside Glasgow. 

Northern Lights Workshop 19-20 May

As well as the programmed talk and workshop about the We are Northern Lights project held at Tusk on Sunday as part of the 2012 Southside Film Festival there are other workshops happening that weekend.

There will be a We Are Northern Lights workshop held at Govanhill Baths on Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th May 10am – 4pm.

Northern Lights is a nationwide documentary project which wants you to contribute. It’s based around three questions:

  • What can you see? 
  •  What do you wish you had seen? 
  •  What would you like to see? 

Whatever you choose to film might answer just one of our suggested questions or all three. Equally, you might decide to film something completely different.

In the workshops Diversity Films will help you answer some or all of these questions, in your way. There is a £1,000 workshop award to be won from Northern Lights as well as weekly awards of £100 and a public award of £2,500 for best submissions. Most answers to the questions will be filmed on flip cams or mobile phones in or close to the venue, but if you want to use the V1 or EX1 and go away to film something special or different during that weekend, please be in touch. You can work together or alone, but need to appreciate that our time and resources are limited.

Please – ideally with registration form attached – to let us know if you will want to come and/ or want to borrow a camera to film.  Other workshops are being held by Diversity Films  throughout May:

  • Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th May 10am – 4pm Platform, 1000 Westerhouse Road, Glasgow G34 9JW
  • Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th May 10am – 4pm Govanhill Baths, 126 Calder Street, Glasgow G42 7QR
  • Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th May 10am – 4pm Dunoon Burgh Hall, 195 Argyll Street, Dunoon, PA23 7DE

Film Quiz @ The Bungo


From 8pm
The Bungo
£5 per team
Over 18s only

What do you mean I’m funny? Are you Sarah Connor? Is it safe? How do you solve a problem like Maria?
These are among the many movie questions you won’t be asked at the inaugural Southside Film Festival Film Quiz!
You don’t need a degree in film studies, just a love of movies and an overwhelming desire to have a fun night out. Oh, and £5 for the entrance fee.
You got to ask yourself one question.
Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

We Are Northern Lights


FREE but donations welcome

We are Northern Lights is a first in a lifetime mass participation film project funded by the Year Of Creative Scotland 2012.

Southside Film Festival has invited Creative Director Nick Higgins along to host a filmmaking workshop to encourage and support Southsiders to brainstorm ideas. 
What can you see?
What do you wish you had seen? 
What do you wish you could see? 

Anyone that contributes to the project as a direct result of attending a workshop is automatically eligible for the Northern Lights £1000 workshop award.

The workshop is free and open to everyone but please book a place in advance by emailing

Scottish Screenwriters Workshop


FREE but donations welcome

Jerry Brannigan, co-founder of Scottish Screenwriters and award winning writer, director & producer, Eleanor Yule, will be hosting a Screenplay Drop-In workshop. You don’t need to be an experienced writer and there’s no need to book, just come along with up to 10 pages of your screenplay and they will read and discuss the work there and then. Please bring at least 2 copies.They will also be happy to help with synopsis, pitches, treatments, in fact anything to do with screenwriting.

Work will be read on a first come basis so please come along early.

Cinemas of the Southside


FREE but donations welcome

An illustrated talk by Gary Painter, editor, on the development of Scotland’s varied and wonderful cinema architecture, with a special look at the cinemas of Glasgow’s Southside – from the fleapits to the picture palaces, and everything in between!

The Power of the Crowd: Crowd Funding Films


The Bungo-note change of venue!!!
FREE but donations welcome
Suitable for all ages

Film Journalist and Programmer and Film Editor of The List, Gail Tolley, will chair this discussion on crowdfunding with a panel of filmmakers who have used different web forums to help raise funds for their films. 

Panel includes Beth Allan, who helped run the campaign for feature God Help The GirlRebecca Thompson on the current campaign to raise money for feature film Not Another Happy Ending and Producer Marie Olsen with Director Peter Mackie Burns on their crowdfunding experience with short film Stronger.

The cafe at Film City will be open for this event

Southside Studios Exhibition


Preview: 7pm-9pm
Southside Studios
FREE but donations welcome
Suitable for all ages
Exhibition continues all weekend: opening times 18th-20th May, 11am-6pm

A selections of artists films, curated by Southside Studios, will be presented in the Southside Studios’ new gallery, an innovative purpose built gallery and performance space. 
First opened in December 2005, Southside Studios are an artist-run studios providing exhibition and workspaces to 28 artists and designers.

Visit for more details

UPDATE: Artist’s film work screening over the weekend includes work by:

Gwenan Davies, Beth Dynowski, Pete Fleming, Gabriel Leung, Samantha Madonik, Christina McPhee, David McNeil, Kim Stewart and Stina Wirfelt.

Cinema Heritage & Silent Film

Just thought I would enthuse on here about a great talk I went to last night (Wed 14 March)- a ‘double bill’ about the history of Glasgow’s Cinema Architecture and the restoration of the Hippodrome Cinema in Bo’ness brought to you by Glasgow Heritage Centre. More info here:
I spoke to Historian Gordon Barr afterwards and hopefully he will be able to do a talk at the Southside Film Festival on Southside Cinemas, I’ll keep you posted. Check out
The second part of the talk was about the restoration of the Hippodrome Cinema in Boness. For those of you who enjoyed our screening of The Phantom of the Opera with live Wurtlizer last month, this weekend is a good time to visit the Hippodrome as there is a Silent Film Festival on. Lots of silent films with live piano accompaniment in the beautifully restored Hippodrome Cinema. See you there!