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marxism today (prologue)

In other Southside film related news, the Southside Film Festival is pleased to share a screening that The Common Guild is organising next month at Langside Hall on the 15th November.

In the lead up to Phil Collins’ major new project for Queen’s Park and Glasgow 2014, The Common Guild and Film and Video Umbrella present a special screening of ‘marxism today (prologue)’ (2010) followed by a talk with the artist.

Phil Collins – marxism today (prologue)
 Friday 15 November, 7pm
Langside Hall, 5 Langside Avenue Glasgow G41 2QR
Tickets: £2.50 

The film is a poignant reminder of the extent to which the fault-lines and power struggles of history impact on individual lives. It was premiered at the Berlin Biennale in 2010, and later broadcast on national television in Germany, where its portrayal of teachers of Marxism-Leninism in the former GDR had particular resonance.

Presented in collaboration with Film and Video Umbrella, as part of ’25 Frames’, a programme of screenings and events marking the organisation’s 25th anniversary, in which stand-out pieces from the organisation’s past are re-staged and re-evaluated for the present.

This special event finds a richly appropriate setting in Langside Hall, on the edge of Queen’s Park, an emblem of the city’s distinctive social, cultural and architectural heritage. Phil Collins will be in conversation with Film and Video Umbrella Director, Steven Bode, after the screening. ‘marxism today (prologue)’ was co-commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella, Cornerhouse, Abandon Normal Devices, Berliner Künstlerprogramm/DAAD, and Berlin Biennale, and produced by Shady Lane Productions. Places are limited.

Please book via Eventbrite:

SFF – Venue Shorts

Hi everyone, I’m Selcuk and like Laura, this is my first year working at the festival. It’s less than a fortnight until it all kicks off and I hope you’ve had a chance to browse through our programme and pick what events you’re coming to.  
Myself and a few of the other volunteers have grouped together to make a couple of shorts for you that will showcase some of the venues being used at this years’ festival, namely Scotland St School Museum, Govanhill Baths and the grand Pollok House (as well as others). Below is a photo of us filming the charismatic (and slightly scary) heedie who, before this photo was taken, had us doing star jumps and marching on the spot – screeching out that we were the worst pupils he had seen in years! 
Going down to Scotland St brought back great childhood memories of visiting the museum with my classmates, I hope you’ll be able to get down there during the festival.
Today, we are filming at Govanhill Baths – I can’t quite contain or explain my excitement at the prospect of standing in an empty swimming pool! Is that a bit weird? Here is a photo taken by David Cherry (a fellow SFF volunteer) during the pool’s transformation from hollow bath to theatre stage – pretty cool eh? 

We are screening a selection of short films in the baths, starting at 9:30pm on Saturday 18th May – I’ll see you there.

We will post the links to all of the shorts, hopefully very soon – so keep your eyes peeled!

So far, working at the festival has made me realise that I’m guilty of taking for granted what brilliant spaces we have here in the Southside that can be utilised. I’m looking forward to revisiting these venues and in what better way to enjoy them than through film.

Tweet me: @selcuk_m – I’m always up for a chat! Let me know what you’re coming to see at the festival. 
#SFF13 #SouthsideFilm 

November Short: The Things We Do

Before November’s screening of our feature Headhunters we screened the short film ‘The Things We Do’. A short about the things a father will do for his son and what he has to sacrifice to do the right thing.

It was written and directed by Jason Weidner and there was a mini Q&A after the screening.

Short Films at Film Club

The Southside Film Festival will be continuing to support local filmmakers by screening select short films in advance of the main features at our Film Club nights at The Glad Cafe.

October: Coffin Up (4’40”, 2012)
Conceived, written, filmed and edited over 48 hours for the Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project by ‘Dead Square’ (Nick Forrest, Colin Moncrieff, Clark Dunn, Rhian Wright, Vic Galloway, Nick Wright, Tori Spatoula).

November: The Things We Do (5′, 2012)
Written and Directed by Jason Weidner, Dir. of Photography: Ray Tallan; Cast: John McQuiston, Gerry Hay.
A short about the things a father will do for his son and what he has to sacrifice to do the right thing.

Image from Kim Stewart’s blog

December: Bridge to Nowhere (4′, 2012)
Written and Directed by Kim Stewart, the screening will feature a Q&A from Kim on the night.
A satirical look at the history of two of Glasgow’s unfinished bridges. One, started in the 1960s, is now suspended in mid-air over a motorway. Explaining the history of the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ and its impact on local residents, the film concludes with a tongue-in-cheek proposal for the bridge’s regeneration.

Short Films @ The Chalet RESCHEDULED

The Short Films @ The Chalet which had to be cancelled are going to be shown on Saturday 2nd June at the Chalet.

This is a FREE screening and the programme of Short Films includes:

1. Waste Art (9′)
What is waste art? A look into the world of this new and exotic artform, expounded by its practitioners. Directed by Andy Dow.

2. The Land Between Tick and Tock (13′)
Nick Padalino, an eccentric New Yorker, owns a fluorescent art museum incentral Amsterdam. ‘A land between Tick and Tock’ is a documentary portraitof Nick and his Parisian girlfriend Michele as they guide the viewer aroundtheir quirky hand made museum of fluorescent wonders. Directed by KateBurton.

3. The Tannery (5’30”)
A recently deceased Fox has a life after death experience. Animated anddirected by Iain Gardener. The Tannery was nominated for Best Animation,BAFTA in Scotland Awards, 2011 and won Best Animation at CFC WorldWideShort Film Festival, Toronto and the Celtic Media Festival 2011. The music wascomposed by Southsider Mick Cooke who appeared at Southside Film Festival’scomposing music for film discussion last year.

4.An Artifical Light (19’40)
A tale of romance and heartache, filmed in Aberdeen last year.Written and directed by Tim Courtney. Starring: Pamela Donald, Davy King,Adam Morrice and Matthew Duncan.

5. Pentecost (11mins)
A young Irish boy faces a difficult choice that may leave him at odds with hissmall community. Written and directed by Peter McDonald, produced byEimear O’Kane. Nominated for Best Live Action Film Oscar, 2012.


6. Tumult (13 mins)A tribe of Norse warriors traipse across a barren land after battle. Bloodied andwounded, their chief is near death. He is about to hand over power to his sonwhen an army of a completely different kind…descends upon them.Written and directed by Johnny Barrington, produced by Rhianna Andrews.

7. Whether the weather (5mins)
Commissioned by Screen Academy Scotland in 2011 to screen at EdinburghInternational Festival and be viewed by Philip Glass, this film was a response toGlass and Regio’s collaboration on the Qatsi trilogy. Director Lorna Simpsonand composer Jordan Gilmour worked together to produce a response to theGlass and Regio’s work.

8. Out on the Tiles (3’11”)
An inebriated woman pays a visit to the ladies’ loo for a cigarette, but noteverything goes to plan….Animated and directed by Anna Pearson. Winner ofBAFTA in Scotland Best Animation Award 2011.

Short Films @ The Chalet
Saturday 2nd June | 7:30pm

Swimming Shorts @ the Baths


Govanhill Baths
FREE but donations welcome
N/C 15
This screening will NOW NOT take place in the old swimming pool. The screening with NOW BE in the well being centre at the front of the building so now no need for cushions (we hope!) 

To celebrate Govanhill Baths reopening part of the building earlier this year, Southside Film Festival has put together a programme of some of its favourite short films about swimming. Govanhill Baths continues to fundraise to open the rest of building, including the swimming pools. Find out more at

Programme includes: Jean Taris, Swimming Champion (1931) Jean Vigo’s beautiful portrait of the famous 1920s swimmer Jean Taris, River Child, a short film about two teenage girl’s day out by the river, Butterfly, an intimate portrait which explores a young woman’s perspective about living with albinism and Five Six Seven Eight, a short film about love and dancing, shot in the baths last year.



Short Films @ The Chalet


FREE but donations welcome
N/C 15

The Chalet is an independent artist-run studio, workshop and exhibition space. It currently hosts 10 artists and designers. Southside Film Festival has programmed some of its favourite recent short films alongside some Southside work that we couldn’t fit into the Southside Filmmakers programme.

Film programme includes Tumult, written and directed by Jonny Barrington and OSCAR nominated Irish short film Pentecost, written and directed by Peter McDonald, documentaries The Land Between Tick and Tock, directed by Kate Burton and Waste Art directed by Andy Dow and animations The Tannery, Out of the Tiles and more…


The Land Between Tick and Tock

Short Films by Young People



Scout Hall, Cathcart

FREE but donations welcome
Suitable for 12-16 year olds


Easier as a Spaceman

First Light works with over 5,000 young people every year, giving them the opportunity to learn the craft of high- quality short filmmaking from industry professionals using industry standard equipment. This selection of films, programmed by Southside Film Festival, brings you the best of recent Scottish work, made by young people, 12-16 years old, supported by First Light.

Films include: Three Blind Mice, Modern Love, Easier as a Spaceman and Inside Out from Edinburgh, Backfire and Strings Attached from Bellshill and Paperboy from Dundee.

For more information about First Light visit

Short Films by Kids


Scout Hall, Cathcart
FREE but donations welcome
Suitable for under 12s

First Light is a UK wide organisation that uses film and media production to develop creative and technical production skills in filmmaking, as well as a range of ‘life skills’.This selection of films, programmed by Southside Film Festival, brings you the best of recent Scottish work, made by kids under 12, supported by First Light.

Films include: Lights Out from Orkney, Doodle Disaster from Inverkeithing, Nightmares from Hell and Rock Up from Edinburgh, Three Wishes from AberdeenBinn Bunny Goes Green and Granny Mac’s Meringues from Burntisland.

For more information about First Light visit

Doodle Disaster

Granny Mac’s Meringues

Lovely new flyers for February Screenings

We have created two flyers for the screenings being held in the Southside this month as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.

The first is for the screening of The Phantom of the Opera at Pollokshaws Burgh Hall on Sunday 26 February.

Download it here.

The second is for the screening of five short films at The Shed over the weekend of the 10-12 February.

Download it here.

Close and Fridge with Peter Mullan

Sunday 15 May, 18:30pm (£5)
Close & Fridge & intro/talk by Gary Lewis
Pollokshaws Borough Hall

Actor Gary Lewis will introduce and talk about these two films make in Govanhill in the 1990s, written and directed by Peter Mullan.
Close – Short/Thriller (1993)
New father Vincent (Peter Mullan) lives up a close in Glasgow. After one neighbour makes a disparaging remark about his daughter Vincent sets out to get his revenge on the neighbour, and the rest of the tenants…
Fridge – Short (1995)
Rudy (Gary Lewis) and Alice (Vicki Masson) are two homeless alcoholics living in a Scottish scheme. Rudy comes to the rescue of a drunk being threatened by some thugs. After one of the boys gets locked in an abandoned fridge it is up to Rudy and Alice to keep the boy alive until help comes…

Starting Block

Starting Block, Diversity films
Sunday 15 May, 14:00 (£5)
The Shed (Main Hall)

Starting Block is a training and mentoring programme for first time filmmakers run by Diversity Films a ‘community interest company working to nurture, train and develop a new generation of creative filmmakers’. The Southside Film Festival will be screening a selection of their films in the main hall at The Shed, including:

  • For The Love of Lugosi | Andy Gregor | Drama Documentary | 15 min
  • I, Alive | Thomas Simpson | Drama Short | 8 min
  • James Dean | Lucy Elliott | Drama Short | 7 min
  • The King and Queen of Württemberg | Samantha Fernando | Documentary | 25 min
  • My Father’s Son | Claire McGuire and Ian McLaughlin | Drama Documentary | 14 min
  • Running Wild | Pete Rennie | Documentary | 16 min
Find out more about all the films in this document.

The Neighbours

The Neighbours
Sunday 15 May, 16:00 (£5)
The Shed (Main Hall)

The Neighbours, is a short film directed by David McKay is an adaptation of the short story, Neighbors, by the late American writer, Raymond Carver.

{Still from The Neighbours}

This story examines a middle-aged couple’s sudden exposure to an enviable and unattainable lifestyle, and the effect that has on their relationship. Ernest and Sheila, are a somewhat staid pair, who have settled into a monotonous life. When their new neighbours ask them to feed their cat while they are away, Ernest and Sheila are exposed to a world that brings their own subdued desires to the surface, and changes their lives forever.

Shorts – Summer Stories

Short Films Programme 2: Summer Stories (PG)
Sun 15 May, 16:00
Boat Shed

**Note the change of venue to the Boat Shed from Hidden Gardens**
Song, laughter and distant landscapes feature in this family-friendly selection of diverse films from Glasgow Short Film Festival 2011, which will be screened on Sunday 15th May, 16:00 at the Boat Shed, Queens Park.

{still from In A Pig’s Eye}

The films being screened are:

  • XXIX / Laurel MacDonald / Canada / 2010 / 7 min
  • In A Pig’s Eye / Atsushi Wada / Japan / 2010 / 10 min
  • Canopy Crossings / Gary Yong / Thailand & USA / 2010 / 19 min
  • The Pedestrian / Stuart Elliott / UK / 2010 / 7 min
  • The Accordion / Jafar Panahi / Iran / 2009 / 9 min
  • Madagascar, A Journey Diary / Bastien Dubois / France / 2009 / 12 min
  • Spider Fang! / Justin Perkinson / USA / 2010 / 2 min

XXIX is a multicultural performance of a fifteenth century choral piece, whilst Canopy Crossings combines travelogue and wistful fiction in a Thai marketplace. Prepare to be befuddled by the indescribable In A Pig’s Eye, seduced by the Oscar-nominated animation Madagascar, A Journey Diary and won over by Iranian director Jafar Panahi’s life-affirming work The Accordion. Closer to home, Stuart Elliott’s Glasgow-shot The Pedestrian is a hilarious audience-pleaser and Spider Fang! will send shivers down your spine!

    Shorts – Dreamlands

    Short Films Programme 1: Dreamlands (15)
    Saturday 14 May, 19:30
    The Chalet

    Strange worlds, eccentric characters and unexpected happenings await in this eclectic, international selection of films from Glasgow Short Film Festival 2011 being screened at The Chalet on Saturday 14 May at 19:30.

    {still from Death of a Pop Star}

    The films being screened are:

    • Picknick / Henrik Andersson / Sweden / 2010 / 15 min
    • Surpriseville / Tim Travers Hawkins / UK / 2010 / 10 min
    • Photos of God / Paul Wright / UK / 2010 / 28 min
    • X.O. Genesis / Rowan Wernham / New Zealand / 2010 / 12 min
    • Death of a Pop Star / Greg Loser / USA / 2010 / 15 min

    Discover Swedish drama Picknick, a bizarre snapshot of masculinity in crisis; experience the beautiful, sorrowful and fragmented world of Paul Wright’s Photos of God; and take an intergalactic ride in the wildly inventive animation X.O. Genesis. Also featured in this programme is the thought-provoking documentary Surpriseville, an exploration of the mental and physical boundaries of an American community, and masterful drama Death of a Pop Star, which captures the strange characters living in the home of an ailing celebrity.