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Film Club tickets update

A quick update on the ticketing arrangements for Film Club.The very kind folks at Glad Cafe sell our tickets for us in advance of the screenings. However, to help keep things simple we’ve decided that tickets for each month’s screenings will only be available to buy in person from the Glad Cafe the month before each screening. So, dates for ticket sales are as follows:

Tickets are also available on the door from Southside Film Festival volunteers the night of each screening from an hour beforehand (so 7pm or 3pm for Pirates!) and online now from Tickets Scotland(booking fee applies).

We hope that all makes sense! We’ll be sure to remind you all via twitter and facebook when the tickets for each screening are available.

Festival photographs

We’ve added lots of images from the festival to our Flickr pages here and there’s a sample of what you can expect to see below. We were very fortunate again this year to have photographers volunteer their time and skills to help us document the festival and you’ll see some of these images appear in our review which we’re working on just now.

First up are photographs from Ashleigh H Thomson, a creative photographer and image editor based in Glasgow. You can see more of her work here.

Images by Ashleigh H Thomson

Then we have photographs taken by Shane McGill, one of our core volunteers who’s been involved from the beginning and sorts out our media and PR stuff in the run up to the festival.

Images by Shane McGill

And finally, those who can’t, instagram instead! Selcuk Colakoglu set up and manned our instagram account over the festival and did a sterling job of it.

Images from our instagram

Southside Filmmakers Award 2013 Winner

You will probably have already seen that the winner of the Southside Filmmakers Award 2013 was announced on Sunday at the Glad Cafe and via twitter and facebook.

The winner was Bird in the Hand from Cup of Gold Productions. A Bird in the Hand is a joint Scottish/Irish production which brings us the kooky story of love and friendship about a young man, Alan, who is not your average man. Alan is blessed with an unusual appearance and walk and learns to confront his demons, accept himself and find true love along the way in the form of Grace.

Congratulations to the all involved in the film:

  • Director and Producer: David Brown
  • Screenwriter: Andrew Anderson
  • Director of Photography: Padraig Conaty
  • Editor: Mark Sheridan
  • Sound: Barry Connolly
  • Music: Rian Trench 
  • Main actor: Finbarr Delaney
Thank you to all the filmmakers who submitted work this year – the standard was very high and it is great to see such variety and quality work coming out of the Southside. We recommend you check out the other films selected which were:

  • Harriett’s Kitchen – Drama, Director: Ally Lockhart
  • Oh Jackie – Music video, Director: Uisdeann Murray 
  • Pouters – Documentary, Director: Paul Fegan 
  • Red – Drama, Director: Simone Smith
  • The State of Greenock – Mockumentary, Directors: Gavin Grant, David Newman, Pamela Barnes 
  • Sunny Out – Documentary, Director: Julie Scade 
  • Vore – Drama, Director: Bryan M Ferguson

Only 24 hours to go!

With less than 24 hours until the festival kicks off, I’m pretty excited about taking part in my first Southside Film Festival! I just came from The Glad Cafe where people are absolutely buzzing the night before it all gets underway. So while quizzers are trying to determine Who played the voice of Jessica Rabbit, I thought I’d essentially steal an idea from the good folk at Top Ten Glasgow Guide and run down some of the things I’m looking forward to over the weekend!

– I love the movie Gosford Park. It’s fantastic. But somehow watching it in a swanky shiny Cineworld or shoving the DVD in my sturdy £9.99 Argos Basic DVD Player (Hey, i could either eat for the month or get a blu-ray player, don’t judge) just doesn’t fit. Now watching it in the picturesque victorian Pollok Park, and being served a two course meal fit for a king afterwards? That sounds right up my street!

– Up until last year, all I knew about Bollywood was the fact Shilpa Shetty from Big Brother used to do some films, until my friend sat me down and made me watch 3 Idiots with Aamir Khan and loved it! So the thought of, this weekend, getting to check out Kuch Kuch Hota Hoi, with some footage shot in the Southside is gonna be a real treat!

– Festivals tend to bring out a great sense of community from people, so I’m looking forward to chatting to new fellow film lovers whether if be over a beer after a film or at a screening before the film starts.

– I’m always a sucker for a good music documentary so I’m excited to see the doc on LCD Sound System from their last gig.

Anyway, What are you looking forward to? What are you going to see? Let us know in the comments! We’ll be blogging throughout the festival letting you know what’s happening. Enjoy!

Top 10 Guide

The lovely people at Top Ten Glasgow Guide have put together the list below of the top 10 things to do and see at the Southside Film Festival. You can follow them on twitter @toptenglasgow or facebook for more great Glasgow recommendations.

1. Learn more about acclaimed photo journalist McCullin in Queen’s Park Camera Club.

2. Catch Sightseers, a black comedy about murder and caravanning in the 46th Glasgow Scout Group Hall.

3. Watch short films in the swimming pool at Govanhill Baths; or watch a music doc about the last gig by LCD Soundsystem – Shut Up and Play the Hits – at music venue The Glad Cafe on Saturday night and follow that by dancing at iBop at Pollok Ex Servicemens’ Club.

4. Have a drink in the library overlooking Pollok Park and move into the dining room to watch Gosford Park, and follow that up with dinner in the Servant’s Quarters in Pollok House on Sunday afternoon.

5. Watch one of the best silent films ever made, Battleship Potemkin, with live accompaniment from the Wurtlizer Cinema Organ at Pollokshaws Burgh Hall on Sun.

6. Get some Bollywood in your life with a Kuch Kuch Hota Hoi, a film partly shot in the Southside. 

7. See the Southside filmmakers of the future on Saturday at the Southside Filmmaker Award screening.

8. Forget Iron Man 3, take the kids to see the kids’ classic favourite Iron Giant on Sat afternoon at The Glad Cafe (and your kids can learn how to make Superhero Animation at an animation workshop that morning).  

9. If you want to learn more about the history of cinemas and cinema going on the Southside of Glasgow then don’t miss out Cinema Walk at 2pm on Sunday afternoon – sign up in advance and receive the meeting point.

10. Lots more free screenings and events at the Burrell Collection, Scotland St Museum, Hidden Gardens and Kinning Park Complex, so check full information and tickets on the SFF website.

Press coverage so far

The Southside Film Festival kicks off this Thursday with the film quiz and then a series of film screenings and events over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We’ve already had some great press coverage and publicity, we’ll be updating our website with these details here. Check out the articles below that mention the Southside Film Festival. Including the very kind and supportive motion in the Scottish Parliament by Patrick Harvie

If you’d like to help us spread the word then please send on the flyers and programme links below to interested people.

And check out our promotional films on YouTube for the following venues:

Stay South! @southfilmfest

      Gosford Park

      Pollok House is Scotland’s answer to Downtown Abbey! This glorious, grand country house in the Southside of Glasgow is excited to hold it’s first ever event with the Southside Film Festival on Sunday 19th May where Robert Altman’s classic film Gosford Park will be screened to festival goers. There was only one location that fit the bill to show this 1930’s period film and it was Pollok House.

      If you’re thinking of attending the event on Sunday, you’re in for a treat (in slightly grander surroundings than the servants in the 1920s who were also shown films as a treat). Not only will Gosford Park be screened in the dining room, but beforehand you’ll also get to have drinks in the house’s impressive library – where a paid bar will be in operation. After the screening, it’s downstairs to be served a delicious two course meal.

      The film itself is a triumph for Robert Altman. The Academy Award nominated film has a stacked ensemble cast from Helen Mirren to Clive Owen. Downtown Abbey originally was set to be a spin off of Gosford Park before it changed to using the film as an inspiration for the hit series. This mystery film is a must see and there is no better surroundings than Pollok House.

      Sun 19th May, doors 5.30pm, Film 6:15pm, 
      dinner served 8:30pm
      Pollok House
      Price: £25 for meal and movie (please note tickets only available in advance)
      Cert 15, 137 mins, 2001

      Set in the 1930’s the story takes place in an old fashioned English country house where a family has invited many of their friends up for a weekend shooting party. The story centers around the McCordle family, in particular the man of the house, William McCordle. Getting on in years William has become benefactor to many of his relatives and friends. As the weekend goes on and secrets are revealed, it seems everyone, above stairs and below, wants a piece of William and his money, but how far will they go to get it?

      Don’t miss this incredibly rare opportunity to watch a great piece of period cinema in an old fashioned setting that is sure to enhance your experience. Whether you love playing Cluedo or you’re obsessed with catching period shows on TV, Altman’s timeless classic will not disappoint!

      Battleship Potemkin

      One of the highlights of the past two festivals have been our screenings at Pollokshaws Burgh Hall in partnership with the Scottish Cinema Organ Trust. These screenings make the most of the fantastic and mighty Wurlitzer organ installed in the halls.

      This time next week we will be screening a Soviet Cinema classic, Battleship Potemkin. It is considered to be one of the best films ever made-in 2011 Total Film said “…nearly 90 years on, Eisenstein’s masterpiece is still guaranteed to get the pulse racing.”

      Sun 19th May, 8pm, doors 7.30pm
      Pollokshaws Burgh Hall.
      Price: £6/£5
      Cert PG, 66 mins, 1925 

      Battleship Potemkin is a dramatised version of the mutiny that occurred in 1905 when the crew of the Russian battleship Potemkin rebelled against their officers of the Tsarist regime. Sergei Eisenstein famously wrote Battleship Potemkin as revolutionist propaganda and to test his idea of montage, his new cinematic language, to produce a strong emotional response in the audience. The most celebrated, and parodied, sequence in the film is of the Odessa steps where a baby’s pram slowly bumps its way down the steps, intercut with harrowing images of the massacre.

      This is a unique opportunity to see this classic film with live musical accompaniment that will bring the film to life. A must for students of cinema and/or Russian history or simply those with an interest in the only remaining cinema organ in Scotland. 
      Download the flyer here and read the full programme online.

      Film Quiz @ The Bungo

      The 2013 Southside Film Festival kicks off this Thursday with the third Film Quiz. Brought to you by quiz host maestros Barry Young and Noelle Carroll.
      Thursday 16th May
      7.30pm – 11pm at The Bungo (Basement)
      Price: £3 per person, teams limited to 5 people per table, pay cash on door – Over 18s only
      Look out for the beautiful posters and flyers designed by Paul being put up around the Southside.

      It’s not every night you can sit in the pub and get the answers to some of life’s great questions. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? What’s eating Gilbert Grape? Any developments, Pussycat? O Brother, Where Art Thou? Exactly how green was my valley?

      Come down to The Bungo Bar on Thursday May 16th for the third Southside Film Festival Quiz and win yourself some prizes.

      The Light kicks off the Festival!

      With less than a week to go until the festival kick off, programmes are being handed out all over the Southside, venues are setting out their chairs and volunteers are making sure everything’s ready to go. This Friday, the 17th May, it’s only fitting that the 2013 Southside Festival kicks off with a screening of ‘We Are Northern Lights’ at The Glad Cafe on Pollokshaws Road.

      It’s fitting because the Southside Festival is ran by the public, for the public, much like the Northern Lights documentary. It’s a film made up of footage from over 100 members of the public of bonnie Scotland. It covers everything from the beautiful scenery of the Highlands to the hustle and bustle of T In The Park.

      In 2012, people from across the country were encouraged to take personal videos of Scotland’s past, present and future and the result was thousands of submissions that have been edited down into this fantastic piece of cinema that will leave you goosebumps and smiling by the end.

      I saw the trailer for the film a couple of months ago when I went to see a Hollywood blockbuster and in truth, when I left the screening, all I could think about was ‘We Are Northern Lights’ I wanted to see this film about our wonderful country.
      So this Friday, I hope you’ll come along and help us kick off the festival with a film made by the people of Scotland, for the people of Scotland!

      SFF – Venue Shorts

      Hi everyone, I’m Selcuk and like Laura, this is my first year working at the festival. It’s less than a fortnight until it all kicks off and I hope you’ve had a chance to browse through our programme and pick what events you’re coming to.  
      Myself and a few of the other volunteers have grouped together to make a couple of shorts for you that will showcase some of the venues being used at this years’ festival, namely Scotland St School Museum, Govanhill Baths and the grand Pollok House (as well as others). Below is a photo of us filming the charismatic (and slightly scary) heedie who, before this photo was taken, had us doing star jumps and marching on the spot – screeching out that we were the worst pupils he had seen in years! 
      Going down to Scotland St brought back great childhood memories of visiting the museum with my classmates, I hope you’ll be able to get down there during the festival.
      Today, we are filming at Govanhill Baths – I can’t quite contain or explain my excitement at the prospect of standing in an empty swimming pool! Is that a bit weird? Here is a photo taken by David Cherry (a fellow SFF volunteer) during the pool’s transformation from hollow bath to theatre stage – pretty cool eh? 

      We are screening a selection of short films in the baths, starting at 9:30pm on Saturday 18th May – I’ll see you there.

      We will post the links to all of the shorts, hopefully very soon – so keep your eyes peeled!

      So far, working at the festival has made me realise that I’m guilty of taking for granted what brilliant spaces we have here in the Southside that can be utilised. I’m looking forward to revisiting these venues and in what better way to enjoy them than through film.

      Tweet me: @selcuk_m – I’m always up for a chat! Let me know what you’re coming to see at the festival. 
      #SFF13 #SouthsideFilm 

      2013 Film Festival Programme

      We picked up our programme from Forward Graphics yesterday and have started to distribute them around the festival venues as well as other cafes and shops in the Southside.

      An excerpt from the introduction by festival director, Karen O’Hare: “We continue to create ‘pop up’ cinemas around the Southside so you can watch films in a pub, cafe, museum, garden, community hall… and site specific screenings add to the viewing experience – watch a documentary about a photojournalist in a photography club, a film about caravanning in a scout hall and music documentary in a gig venue . The mighty Wurlitzer Cinema Organ is back with live accompaniment to Soviet classic, Battleship Potemkin. And alongside the films there is a filmmaking workshop for teenagers, an animation workshop for kids and the film quiz is back!”

      You can view our programme online here.

      We’ve also created this at-a-glance guide for the 2013 Southside Film Festival:

      at a glance guide

      Volunteer with the 2013 Festival

      The Southside Film Festival is a volunteer run festival and simply wouldn’t happen without the support and hard work of our team of volunteers. The Festival is a Community Interest Company which providing free screenings, talks and filmmaking workshops during the film festival.

      If you would like to get involved we are looking for new volunteers for the 2013 Festival. We need enthusiastic and reliable individuals for the following roles:

      The Southside Film Festival relies on the generosity of volunteers to help with the running of the festival and we strive to provide a good volunteering experience. Find out more about our opportunities to volunteer on the Creative Scotland website.

      Volunteering with the festival is a great opportunity meet new people in the Southside or gain work experience within the film and events sector. You can expect to gain experience as part of a friendly team working on many different tasks from box office, web design, publicity to front of house. It is a great opportunity for those thinking about a career in events, arts or film industry to get practical hands-on experience.

      If you are interested in volunteering send an email to with Volunteering in the subject line.  Please provide a CV and covering letter/statement detailing what role you would be interested in, your contact details (email and mobile) and what dates/times you are available for over the festival weekend (17-19 May 2013).

      RESCHEDULED: Green Screen Double Bill for St Patrick’s Day Weekend

      Green Screen: Irish Documentary Double Bill:
      A Million Bricks (N/C 15) & Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey
      (N/C 15)

      Friday 15 March
      The Glad Cafe
      Doors 6.30pm
      First Film- A Million Bricks  -Starts at 7pm

      Co-Director Frank Martin will introduce A Million Bricks and will take part in a Q&A following the film
      Second Film-Bernadette -Starts at 9.15pm
      Price for both films – £6 full price £5 concession-and all box office will go directly to the filmmakers.  Tickets only available on the door.

      A Million Bricks

      In the optimism of the 1960’s people bought new homes in Springfield Park only to find themselves at the heart of a battle when the Troubles broke out. After a night of violence in 1971, six people were killed and Catholic and Protestant families left the last mixed street in West Belfast.

      A Million Bricks is the story of a scattered community told by the people themselves and directed and produced by Frank Martin and Seamus Kelters, who lived there. 
      They were ordinary people who saw their hopes realised, then dashed within the space of a decade. 

      Where once stood a row of houses shared by Protestants and Catholics now stands Belfast’s biggest peace-line, a wall of a million bricks, separating them.

      Co Director Frank Martin will travel from Belfast for this screening to introduce the film and take part in a Q&A after the film so don’t miss this!

      Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey

      Did you know that Bernadette Devlin was once described by an opponent as “Fidel Castro in a mini skirt”? That she punched the Home Secretary in the Houses of Parliament the day after Bloody Sunday? That she was elected MP at 21?

      Bernadette Devlin McAliskey has certainly had a tumultuous political career and her political journey continues to this day. Lelia Doolan’s documentary allows her personal and political story to unfold in this atmospheric and evocative film. Using archive footage and a series of interviews with Bernadette herself over a number of years, a complex and intricate picture evolves of a formidable figure of recent Irish politics.

      Thanks to Director Lelia Doolan for permission to screen this film.

      Rescheduled from Southside Film Festival, May 2012, for St Patrick’s Day weekend.  

      Short Films at Film Club

      The Southside Film Festival will be continuing to support local filmmakers by screening select short films in advance of the main features at our Film Club nights at The Glad Cafe.

      October: Coffin Up (4’40”, 2012)
      Conceived, written, filmed and edited over 48 hours for the Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project by ‘Dead Square’ (Nick Forrest, Colin Moncrieff, Clark Dunn, Rhian Wright, Vic Galloway, Nick Wright, Tori Spatoula).

      November: The Things We Do (5′, 2012)
      Written and Directed by Jason Weidner, Dir. of Photography: Ray Tallan; Cast: John McQuiston, Gerry Hay.
      A short about the things a father will do for his son and what he has to sacrifice to do the right thing.

      Image from Kim Stewart’s blog

      December: Bridge to Nowhere (4′, 2012)
      Written and Directed by Kim Stewart, the screening will feature a Q&A from Kim on the night.
      A satirical look at the history of two of Glasgow’s unfinished bridges. One, started in the 1960s, is now suspended in mid-air over a motorway. Explaining the history of the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ and its impact on local residents, the film concludes with a tongue-in-cheek proposal for the bridge’s regeneration.

      Review of 2012 festival

      It has now been nearly 4 months since the May 2012 Festival happened.  We are busy making plans for next year already and thinking about how we can continue to provide film events for the Southside until then.

      The images below were all taken by Stefan Norledge.  He’s a Glasgow photographer who volunteered for the festival and he has experience shooting a wide range of subjects including weddings, he can be contacted at

      We have used his images in a mini review of the 2012 festival.  Download the Review here.

      Festival Survey

      [Image by Stefan Norledge]

      The festival team are starting to think about plans for next year’s festival – how we can improve things and what sort of in between events we should be putting on.

      We have created a survey to help us find out what you think about the festival and provide us with evidence for our planning and funding applications.

      We would love it if you could please complete the survey here.

      Film Quiz Fundraiser, Thurs 20 Sept

      Southside Film Festival is back for one night only!

      The first film quiz during the film festival in May was such a hit that we are bringing it back for a film festival fundraiser! 

      Do you recognise the lady on this poster and can you name the film? Do you love movies? Then get your team together and get yourself down to The Bungo for 8pm on Thursday 20th September.

      Prizes include 2 guest list places for Miaoux Mioux gig on Sat 24 November at The Glad Cafe, 2 GFT cinema tickets, some Cineworld cinema tickets and dinner and wine for 2 at The Bungo

      Warning: there is no mobile phone reception in the basement of The Bungo so don’t expect any help from google!

      Film quiz hosts: Barry Young and Noelle Carroll of Youngs Interesting Books, Skirving St, Shawlands

      Entry to the quiz is £2 per person and all proceeds go to Southside Film Festival, a not-for-profit film festival run by volunteers, bringing film back to Southside Glasgow. 

      Cancellations @ the Shed

      The screenings of:
      A Million Bricks
      An Evening With Sherlock Holmes

      Have had to be cancelled. Apologies for the cancellation, we have technical problems beyond our control at The Shed which we are working on fixing for tomorrow.

      We will try to reschedule them again in the near future. We will be at The Shed before scheduled start time to refund tickets or you can email us on to arrange a refund.

      Many apologies again, Southside Film Festival.

      All other screenings today are running as normal.

      Press & Web Coverage so far…

      Wake up early tomorrow morning (Thurs 17 May) to catch Karen O’Hare and Barry Young on Good Morning Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland and Pauline McLean also gives us a great write up here:

      BBC Radio Scotland Movie Cafe will also be giving us a wee mention

      Karen will also be on Sunny Govan tomorrow (Thurs 17 May) sometime after 3pm with Angela Ross from Plantation Productions who will be showcasing their work at Kinning Park Complex on Sunday 20 May at 2pm

      And look out for us on MacAulay and Co Whats On Guide, BBC Radio Scotland on Friday 18 May

      We’ll also be on Awaz FM over the weekend of the festival

      STV Local have also previewed the festival:
      and have also previewed the Cinemas of the Southside talk on Sun 20th at Tusk:
      and have a listing here:

      The Skinny give the film festival a great preview:

      Eye for Film have also been talking about us: Glaswegian give us a mention:

      The Herald gives us a wee mention:

      Morning Star also give us a great write up:

      Glasgow South and Eastwood Extra also wrote about us on Thursday 3 May and The Evening Times on Sunday 5 May-we will get the printed articles scanned and posted online soon 

      I-on Magazine give us a mention here:

      Creative Clyde also preview the festival here:–events/2012/southside-film-festival–2012

      Rural Gateway preview the We are Northern Lights workshop here:

      First Light, who supported the young Scottish people to make the films that are screening at the Scout Hall on Saturday, posted a news item about the film festival:

      Southside Happenings have been blogging about the film quiz at The Bungo tomorrow night (Thurs 17 May), opening film NEDS on Friday 18 May and Class Struggle, Film from the Clyde at PI in Govan on Saturday 19 May at 3pm.

      Bungo Blog have also been blooging about the film festival:

      Glasgow Shadows Blog previews Come Closer screening at The Shed on Sun 20 May

      Hidden Glasgow have also been talking about us (although there is lots of info on our website and blog guys!)

      Oh, just in case you haven’t seen it yet here is the film festival promo